Hire Universal Pressure Wash Solutions for Concrete Power Washing services

Brighten up the concrete on your property and get much more than a clean surface with our power washing services. Because concrete is a porous surface, it quickly becomes dingy. The porous surface also means it's not a simple process to clean & sanitize. DIY-ers frequently cause cracking or ruin the finish. Our professional team of experts will assess the age and condition of your property in order to select the best concrete power washing services, brightening agent, and treatment for you.

Our team is prepared for any sized project.

  • Residential driveways & sidewalks
  • Homeowner's associations entrances & common areas
  • Tennis courts
  • Concrete walls (even graffiti!)
  • Garages or auto shops, where rust stains the concrete
  • Many other surfaces!

One of our favorite vendors provides a solution called F9 that is just perfect for Concrete Power Washing services. Read more about F9 on the Rust & Graffiti Removal page (and check out some examples of damage from other concrete rust removers.

Request a quote & be on your way to bright, clean, and safe concrete.

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Gallery of Concrete Power Washing Projects