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Listen, you spent good money on your home. Make your investment last by removing mildew, algae, and other fungi that attack your wood, vinyl, or other finish. It's not only great for the look of your home, but it's recommended by exterior paint manufacturers, like Sherwin Williams, Porter Paint, and Behr. Let UPWS extend the life of your exterior finish with the right house pressure washing services for your specific home.

For house washing, the optimal pressure wash is actually a "softwash"

More pressure & more chemicals are not better. Unqualified cleaners often cause more damage than they prevent, sometimes even to windows and landscaping. Instead, we recommend a gentler procedure called softwashing.

This is why it is so important to consider professional help for this project. Our pressure washing experts will asses your situation and derive the right blend of professional grade, eco-friendly detergent, surfactants, and emulsifiers to achieve the most safe & thorough cleaning for your home. Save yourself the risk and hassle by hiring a Universal Pressure Wash Solutions consultant.

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